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Morals Are Optional

Cards Against Humanity clone created using LibGDX and More Controllers Please

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Morals Are Optional is a digital version of the card game "Cards Against Humanity" written using LibGDX and More Controllers Please. The webpages are written with jQuery. Currently the application runs on desktop (Win/Mac/Linux) and android.

How It Works.

One device runs the app, all other devices connect to the game using the devices web browser.

Game Play

In this example the game is running on a tablet. Brian, Billy and Bob have all typed in the displayed address into their phones' browser. As they are only connecting via a browser, any device can be used (Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows etc)


Alpha 0.7

Android - 2MB

Desktop - 8MB

New in Alpha 0.7

Please Help Us Drive Development!

If there is a feature or enhancement you are interested in or you come across any bugs we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to add comments or issues on the github page.

Setups (ways of playing).